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  • Aaja Pheri Uhi Geet Sunna Views: 981
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  • Hereko TimiLai AankhaLe Hoina Views: 296
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Name: Sapana Shree

Father: Madan Pariyar Late Ganesh Pariyar (Musician) Note: This information is corrected as per nepali artist Rupak Shahisamuda. Thanks to Rupak!!!!

Mother: Janaki Pariyar
Born On: 2 Jestha

Started singing at the early age of five.

Likes watching wrestling and Football matches.

Likes to watch Television shows and Movies.

Adores Sanjay Dutt (Indian actor) very much as the film artist.

Likes Lata Mangeskar (Indian Singer) and late Taradevi very much.

As for singers....she likes Bhaktaraj Acharya, Narayan Gopal Gurvacharya, Deep Shrestha, Arun Thapa and many others.

She got HitsFM music awards and many other awards.

In 1986 she recorded six songs in a day and got "Best singer" award from Pakistan.

In 1987 she got first position on World Music Festival jointly organized by 19 countries.

She has not any record that how many songs she has sung.

These days she is staying in The United States and singing there.


Aaja Pheri Uhi Geet Sunna Views:981

Ekanta ma Views:192

Hereko TimiLai AankhaLe Hoina Views:296

Jigu Nugalay Maya Kyankah Views:101

Pal Pal Views:201

Swoyegu Man Jula Re Views:97

Uddaichhau Ki Views:223

Unko Preeti Views:455

Yo Manma Kata Views:263


Samjhana Baraily 12/8/2014 11:57:07 PM

Dear Sapana Mam, You have the most beautiful voice among all the Nepalese singers. You vice sounds like you are singing from your heart. I really loves your voice. I hope to listen your new songs. Sincerely, Samjhana U.S.A.

p 2/25/2010 2:46:48 PM

great artist......

Anonymous 12/22/2009 5:46:47 PM

I believe you would be able to delete your own comment after you login to the site.

Rupak Shahisamuda 12/21/2009 5:46:21 AM

Please delet my first comment. I won't keep it any more. Thanking you

Admin 12/20/2009 2:46:44 PM

Thanks for your corrections Rupak!! As you can see, we don't have an authentic source for these kinds of information for Nepali artist and is always hard to find information about nepalese artists online. Before we post any information, we usually check the source and if it happens to be some kind of musical organization, we take it as somewhat authentic and put them as a source of our information. In this case, it happens to be HitsFM which has been in the musical business for over a decade now and getting the information from them seemed better option at that time. However, after your recent post, we have corrected the information and cited you as our source. We extremely value inputs or corrections to any artist information like these and always welcome your criticism.