Jagadish Samal

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  • Aaja Pheri Uhi Geet Sunna Views: 981
  • Suna Bhana Na Views: 678
  • Yo Doori Views: 571
  • Unko Preeti Views: 455
  • Chhoee Rahyo Timro Views: 402

Full Name: Jagdish Samal

Address: Chabahil, KTM

Main aim in life :  Stay in the music field forever

Hobbies: Singing, and Travelling

Favorite Food: Newari

Hangout Place: My home, hehe

Where would you like to go (any other places) ?
-Where there are Nepalese people.

Modern Song Competition (First)-Radio Nepal(2057BS),
Hits FM Best New Artist(2058BS), Hits FM best Male Vocal (2063),
kalika Award Narayanghat(2063 BS)

Music you listen to: Depens on mood.

Concerts You Have Performed : More than 150

Favorite Nepali Artists: Narayan Gopal, Arun Thapa

Favorite Non Nepali Artists : Hariharan and Shanker Mahadevan
Albums: Lahar, Bulbul, Tapoban, Saath.

What do you focus in a song?- Everything that makes song such as vocals, music, lyrcis.

Inspiration : Family and friends

Define Music : Way to express feelings.

Music in Nepal : Improving day by day and has a good future.

About Internet : Makes the world small.

About Nepalisite.com : You guys are doing good. Keep it up. My best wishes.

Message to your fans:Love music.



Aaja Pheri Uhi Geet Sunna Views:981

Ban Dadheko Dekhchha Views:261

Barsa Din Ko Views:213

Chaita Ko Huri Jastai Views:266

Chhoee Rahyo Timro Views:402

Dashai Hai Ayo Tiharai Ayo Views:340

Dashain Aauchha Tihar Views:177

Dui Dinko Chola Views:150

Hiun Ra Himal Views:128

Jaba Din Dhaldai Gayo Views:237

Kada Ho Maya Views:295

Ma Bhitra Ko Auta Manchhe Views:157

Ma Ta Marchu Kyare Views:319

Maathi Maathi Lekaima Views:244

Magar Jaati Sajiyeko Views:224

Nabirse Timilai Views:364

Samayale Kolte Pherda Views:126

Sayau Juni Views:322

Suna Bhana Na Views:678

Tapoban Maajha Views:266

Thok Na Madal Thok Views:236

Timi Bina Ma Adha Rahechhu Views:140

Unko Preeti Views:455

Yestai Yestai Nasocheko Views:260

Yo Doori Views:571


Yogendra Adhikari 12/22/2009 7:00:05 AM

Jagdish dai no any negative comments at all, in any of your songs. its my weakness coz m your blind supporter.That is only due to ur songs.