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  • Gajalu Ti Views: 3205
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Gajalu Ti Views:3205

Ke Chhara Views:2609

Kina Kina Timro Tasbir Views:2622

Lolayeka Ti Views:2405

Man Harayo Views:586

Mann Bhitra Kecha Views:620

Nahudama Eutai Pir Views:496

Reshamle Chopera Views:450


Krishna Gautam 5/11/2014 3:35:41 AM

Awsome work done..Kudos to you!!! I have always been searching for collection of songs like this for a very long time...Finaly my search comes to an end here! You have done a Fantabulous job! Such a vast range of collections, be it - Gazal, Band, Folk, name it and it's there!!!!! I Thank you for making this available to all of us. Much appreciated!!