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Rabin Shrestha, who in his days with Nepathya, gave us the hits like Chhekyo Chhekyo, is making a come back. The singer, who disappeared from the music scene and spent his last few years in Hong Kong, is in town recording for a new album, which will mark the beginning of his solo career.

Robin started off with Nepathya, when the band made its entrance in Nepali music scene back in 1990. As a singer of the band, he made his mark with songs like Bashat ko Mausan and Aaganai Bhari. In his five year stint with Nepathya, Rabin did make a place for himself in the hearts of Nepali music lovers. In 1995, he quit Nepathya leaving the band to continue with its frontman Amrit Gurung. In 1996, he moved to Hong Kong and now lives there with his family.

He performed in live shows occasionally in Hong Kong with other Nepali artists, and did have a few singles released in the meantime. But this is the first time the singer is going to come out with his own solo album. Stanit, the album, is scheduled to be released in about two month's time from a new production company Samjhana Audio. It will have 11 new songs written and composed by the singer himself and arranged by Sunil Bardewa.


Aaganai Views:3880

Aakasma Views:1980

Aakhaima Jhaljhali Views:405

Aanshu Views:129

Anshan Views:114

Baaduki Views:100

Barsako Mausam Views:1345

Hey Lajaune Mayalu Views:1340

Khabar Views:91

Sang Sangain Views:88

Timro Aagaman Ko Views:530


nepali 5/29/2017 10:02:07 AM

dai nepthya woh... tapaiko cheko cheko deurali dada........ke aba yo samaema pheri amrit dai sanga euti manch ma hami fan le dekna pauchau hola