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Tsujil Karmacharya

Everything you wanted to know about him but didn’t know who to ask.


FROM ISSUE # 151 (July 2008) | IN THIS ISSUE

Born in 1979, in the beautiful village of Bhainse, Makwanpur, Tsujil Karmacharya considers music his life.

Even gave up his Engineering career to focus fully on music. Has a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from Pulchowk Engineering College.

Celebrates his birthday on 26 December every year.

Watched his uncle perform as a child, in cultural shows and hence, considers his uncle his first inspiration.

Would sing and record into a worn out tape-recorder while in school and learnt to play the flute and harmonica.

Handmade his first guitar from the hard cover of his notebook and some staples. Even learnt his first few chords on it.

While in the 10th grade, joined the music club "Yuva Sanskritik Manch" where he met his future bandmates. The band released its first album Khyal-Khyalaima in 1999.

His first album is called Bhumo which in Tibetan means girl/woman. To give it a more Tibetan feel, he even added a "T" in front of his name.

Is the singer, music arranger, lyricist and the producer of his solo album. Worked on it for more than three years as he wanted it to be perfect. 

Has also arranged music for a few Tibetan singers and has played guitar for fellow singers like Sugam Pokharel, The Unity, Raazen etc.

Is a firm believer in astrology. Hence, wears his birthstones–yellow sapphire and ruby on his fingers for luck and fortune. Considers yellow and red his lucky colours.
Loves to collect DVDs and watch movies, The Fifth Element being his favourite. Bruce Willis is his favourite actor.

Has fond memories of a meal cooked by Sabin Rai during their tour in USA. Also says he started liking pork after that very meal.

If you stop by the Alpha Studio in Chhauni you will probably catch a glimpse of the singer as it is his working area as well as his favourite hangout.

Wants to be the best in the Nepali music industry and a really good jazz player.



7*3=21 Views:476

Ke Sochera Views:274

Suneko Kura Views:332