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I am Rupak Kumar Shahisamuda, I was born in Lazimpat, Kathamndu. I grew up in musical environment since childhood with tones of saxophone, flute and clarinet that my father played. My father was an accomplished saxophonist, a composer, and a pioneer of Jazz music in Nepal.

He studied music in Calcutta and Bombay during 50s-60s and worked with Police cappele of Calcutta&Circus, Goa Dixiland and Jazz bands in Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Korea, India, United State and former USSR,
I used to wake up with the sound of saxophone and clarinet and sleep with mama's adventures stories of my father’s journeys and performances in exotic places.
My father worked with prominent Nepali artist like Mansing, Dev Rana, Krishna Gurung, Kishor Gurung and an Anglo Indian friends from Goa like Marc, the bass guitarist and John the drummer.

Despite being grown up in musical environment, I didn’t take up any musical instrument until I attended a classical concert by an American legendary violinist, Jack Glatzer at an American Council-New Road, Kathamndu. He was my inspiration to become a violinist. Seeing my interest in music, my father bought me a violin from Singapore and introduced to me well known violinist Guru Gopal Nath Yogi and others. Later I studied violin at Prayag Sangeet Samiti Classical Music School in Allahabad, India, and at the mean time, I also learned keyboard and guitar from late Prabin Gurung. He become my mentor and took me to all his concerts at City Hall and Royal Nepal academy in Katmandu.
In 1988, I joined Royal Nepal Academy as violinist. I worked with professional musician like Amber Gurung, Sambhujeet Baskota and Gopal Nath Yogi. I worked in Radio Nepal, Music Nepal, Sanga Studio and came to know many professional singers and musicians.
At 19 years of age, I played with Nati Kaji, Amber Gurung, Narayan Gopal, Deep Shrestha, Prakash Gurung, and Madan Pariyar who was my loveliest tutor that I ever had, and Gopal Yonjon, Premdhoj Pradhan and many other prominent singers.
PremDhoj Pradhan:
I can still remember talking with Mr. Premdhoj Pradhan on “goreto tyo gau ko,” he was very gentle and a kind brother. He told me "bhai music is not just to study in theories, but also to heard and sung. I sing songs of Kishor Kumars, M. Rafi, and other great Nepalese singers.” He encouraged me to over come my inhibition, and build up confidence and talents in singing. He also asked me to encourage my banji Sharmila Bardewa to go into singing. Now she is well known singer.
Gopal Yonjan:
Gopal Yonjon, a legendary lyricist, composer and singer of Nepal, and when I met him he asked me if I could play Vivaldi's spring. His words were music my ear as I was fan of Vivaldi .I played Vivaldi’s 4 Sesaons the Spring and a violine concert in a-minor. When I am finished, he told me gently, “don't stay in Nepal, go somewhere and never come back.” it’s a prophetic advice which has indeed come true. I am currently live in Austria and perform through out Europe.

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Auchha Yaad Views:668

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Ekanta ma Views:192

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Bishwa 5/1/2010 9:21:04 PM

Rupakjee, Thank you very much for connecting me to your web page. Honestly, if I say, I had never heard about you before. I read your beautiful biography thoroughly. I am impressed. I love to listening to music but I can't play any instrument and sing. Sometime for meditation's sake, I write songs in very rare. As yet, I haven't listened to the music which is composed by you and am going to do so after completing this short comment upon you. Plz. keep it up. Best of luck ! With regards Bishwa Gurung