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Ramkrishna Dhakal is a very famous young musical artist or more specifically a singer (of modern-flavored songs) from Nepal. He started his musical carrier since his early childhood by singing famous songs by Narayan Gopal - also known as Swor-samrat (= Emperor of Voice). During his early period he struggled by singing amongst his group but after he got a break he established himself as one of the best Nepali singers. He rose to fame with his song "Orali lageko harin ko chhal bho". As a small kid, he used to sing at social functions and events. People were impressed by his singing ability and voice (although not mature). He modelled his singing style after Narayan Gopal; Dhakal acknowledges that he is a big fan of the late maestro. It would be fair to say that he benefitted from the void left by Narayan Gopal's death. People were looking for some one to fill the void. In fact, they were looking for the next Narayan Gopal. And the next Narayan Gopal was Ram Krishna Dhakal. But he was able to make his album and be a popular singer because of his god father (Gopal Karmacharya)

He has released several very popular albums of modern songs/ghazals (adhunik geet). All his album names so far have started with the letter "A". Aashish, Aashirbad, Asha, Aroha, Aashraye, Adhar, and Aagraha. Among them, Aasha is the most popular album.

Apart from adhunik geet, he has also sung bhajans and patriotic songs (rastriya geet) and many film songs. RamKrishna Dhakal also acted in (a lead role) in a Nepali film, Aashirbad. The story was based or inspired by his own personal story of struggle and his rise to fame helped by his god-father Gopal Karmacharya. It was a successful film, partly aided by good music.(Music is composed by Sambhujit Banskota). His most recent song Bihani Pakha Surya Le Bhanchha Sagarmatha Lai... has been a great hit all over the world, especially in Nepalese community worldwide. The music is given by Nhyoo Bajracharya and Lyrics by Prem Guragain, Itahara, Morang, Nepal. He is one of the most popular singer in Nepal.



Aansu Deu Ya Haso Views:910

Aasha Ko Deep Views:584

Aasu Kati Ma Views:501

Achano Lai Views:517

Ajhai Pani Lajauchau Views:577

Ankha Rahecha Views:467

Bachan Todey Kasam Ni Todey Views:632

Bachna Deu Malai Views:465

Barsat Ma Views:620

Bho Mayako Kurai Views:560

Bihana Uthna Bitikai Views:1563

Bihani Pakha Surya Views:7020

Charile Ta Views:713

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Din Bite Mahina Bite Views:439

Dodhare Mayalu Views:422

Geet Mera Haraye Views:580

Ghamailo Ramilo Koshi Tirai Maa Views:600

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Hara Rata Kahilai Views:455

Hatbazar Views:407

Himchuli Ma Views:564

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Ishwor Hamro Eutai Huncha Views:395

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Jati Je Hunu Views:442

Je Bhana Timi Malai Views:777

Jindagi Ma Views:917

Kahile Hawa Sanga Views:471

Kahile Mitho Views:400

Kahile Samjhera Roye Views:742

Kasari Bujhau Views:452

Kasko Aba Pheri Views:435

Katha Mero Views:701

Kina Ho Kina Views:358

Kshitiz Ko Saanjh Jasto Views:382

Lahana Le Jurayo Ki Views:1537

Lardai Pradai Jindagi Views:385

Maile Bolnai Bhaena Views:483

Malai Sukkha Views:386

Mana Lai Views:384

Mann Karu Sumiran Views:420

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Maya Garneko With Sneha Pant Views:745

Maya Sabailai Views:360

Mero Khukuri Ko Views:641

Mero Marma Bjuera Badal Views:353

Najik Aaunu Maa Maya Laaunu Maa Views:941

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Niyatile Pireko Views:396

Orali Lageko Views:808

Risauda Ni Aafnai Views:824

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Shanti Geet Views:493

Shanti Lukau Kahan Views:2489

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Yahi Manlai Views:358

Yes Palima Views:3926

Yo Euta Sadak Ko Views:556


hanok limbu 1/24/2015 9:12:17 PM

daju tapai ko git kasari download garnuuu plzzzz vandinu na

Bheshraj 12/29/2014 10:58:52 PM

Namaste Ram krishna Dhakal. I am your big fan ... I have listened about 100 songs which you have sanged... i want to ask questions to you? How do i make like you? Bheshraj Nepal from damak

Bheshraj 12/29/2014 10:58:49 PM

Namaste Ram krishna Dhakal. I am your big fan ... I have listened about 100 songs which you have sanged... i want to ask questions to you? How do i make like you? Bheshraj Nepal from damak

shankar jaigadi 12/22/2014 6:14:23 AM

Hi, Mr. Ram krishna dhakal. I m your Big fan among all fans of the world of yours. I trully appriciate your voice quality that no one have in the Nepal. so sweet voice you have got. I especially thanks to you that you born in Nepal. That you made for us ( for Nepali ). I like your voice very much. And I listen your all beautifull song by my lucky ears. Thanks for being in Nepal for us. Keep going ahead keep entertaing us by your marvolous voice... I Love You

Anonymous 8/29/2014 4:16:31 PM

my fabret singer tapai ni hununxa you are a top kalakar