Deepak Bajracharya

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  • Adharyoma Views: 943
  • Akhako Nanima Views: 585
  • Priye Timi Ayau Views: 465
  • Jhumi Jhumi Views: 380
  • Dubayo Views: 362

Released Album :- 6 (SIX)
First Album :- Assai Assma
Second Album :- Deepak Bajracharya
Third Album :- Samaya
Fourth Album :-Best of Deepak Bajracharya
Fifth Album :- Geet
Sixth Album :- Asar
First Song :- Chodi Gayo Priya
First Concert :- City Hall (1988) (2045)
Recorded Songs :- MORE THAN 250
Programme :- MORE THAN 275
Deepak's Night in Hongkong (2002)
World No Tobacco Day Mega Event by Deepak Bajracharya Live (2003)
Presented by NHEICC and WHO (At Dasrath Stadium .Ktm)
Deepak Bajracharya Performing Live in Pokhara (2003)
Deepak Bajracharya Live in Patan (At Patan Mangal Bazaar)
Let The Children Walk (Presented by Dr. Ashok Baskota)
Deepak Bajracharya Live in Unplugged 2004
(At Royal Nepal Academy.Ktm)

With LUCKY ALI (At Dasrath Stadium.Ktm, And Pokhara)
With 1974AD (ICON 2003 At.Ktm And Hong Kong)
With Rovin&Lujaw And Mongoliyan Heart (At Dasrath Stadium. Ktm)
With Ram K Dhakal and J Rajani Kant (At Japan)
With Indra Gurung (At Japan)

Five Gigs in Hongkong
Seven Gigs in Japan
Nine Gigs in India and Domestic Tours

Best Male Vocal Performance (1999)
Millenium Award
Best Music Video Award 2000 (Timi nai timi)
Aaha Pop Music
Best Male Vocal Performance (2003)
Taal Music Award
Album of the year (2003)
Malta International
ICON 2003

Nominated :-
Ow Amira (1997) (2054)
Maitighar, Sunsan (1998) (2055)
Samaya (1999) (2056) AWARD WINNER
Timi nai Timi (2000) (2057)
Andyaroma (2002) (2059)
Ritu (2004) (2060)


Adharyoma Views:943

Akhako Nanima Views:585

Dubayo Views:362

Go Ga Ga Views:286

Good Friday Views:255

I Wish Views:230

Je Jasto Bhaye Pani Views:303

Jhumi Jhumi Views:380

Jiuda Jiudai Views:326

Khelauna Views:268

Laila Views:195

Maitighar Views:349

Manai Ta Ho Views:262

Maya Deu Views:194

Mohini Ko Samu Views:142

Na Na Na Na Views:326

Na Udau Din Dhuwa Ma Views:190

Nadukheko Mann Views:315

Nagara Hela Views:163

Nasamjha Atita Lai Views:135

Nasur Ko Phool Jhai Views:147

Ow Amira Views:324

Pharkera Aunechaina Views:252

Priyasi Lai Mutu Views:166

Priye Timi Ayau Views:465

Samaya Views:252

Sudnai Dae Mera Views:123

Timi Mero Views:165


Ashutosh 4/14/2014 5:31:57 AM

plz just continue ur song i m just lured by ur song but now ur song r on the verge of extinction