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Tribute to Lokgayak Jhalakman
He Barai

Aamaile Sodhlin Ni

Khai Chhora Bhanlin...
The above song is a letter addressed to his family members from a Nepali soldier who dies while performing heroics on the warfront. It has been four years since Jhalakman Gandharba, the popular Nepali folk singer and creator of this and numerous other folk melodies, passed away at the age of 68 but his songs still touch the hearts of Nepali as before.

Born in Batulechaur of Pokhara, the home to Gandarbas, Jhalakman had recorded more than 250 songs at Radio Nepal and Music Nepal had released a collection of his songs entitled Jhalakman Gandharbaka Lok Geetharu.

On Thursday afternoon, the Nepal Dalit Sahitya Tatha Sanskriti Pratishthan organized a function at the Nepal Academy in Kamaladi to pay a tribute to the late singer. During the program, a book entitled Janataka Lok Gayak Jhalakman Gandharba on the singer was also launched by Jhalakman's wife Mangalmaya Gandharba and young singer Rubin Gandharba, who were the event's chief guests.

Collected and edited by Angela Darnal and Adana Darnal, the book published by Ratnamaya Dalit Sahitya Samrakshan Samiti comprises a collection of Jhalakman's interviews, lyrics of some of his popular songs and several articles on the singer published in various newspapers. The 128-page book also has a collection of Jhalakman and his family towards the end, and is priced at 150 rupees.

During the memorial function, artiste Bikram Pariyar along with Buddha Gandharba on sarangi and Ram Krishna Gandharba on madal paid tribute to the late singer with the songs He Barai and Timro Nai Maya Laaundachha Saainli, while Rubin Gandharba and others too performed later on.

The program also saw the launch of another book, Sankhuwasabha Jillama Chhuwachhut Birodhi Andolan: Itihaasdekhi Bartamansamma, written by Matrika Timsina. Also published by Ratnamaya Dalit Sahitya Samrakshan Samiti, this book deals at length about the movement against caste system and untouchability in the eastern hilly district of Sankhuwasabha. It is available for 100 rupees.

The event was attended by Dahal Yagyanidhi, Padmalal Bishwakarma, Ram Sharan Darnal, Manjul, Raj Kumar Gandharba and representatives from various dalit organizations.

Source: Kantipur Online


Aamale Sodhlan Ni Views:693


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