Shanti Thatal

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  • Mayaalule Samjhe Ki Kaso Views: 909
  • Udi Jau Bhane Views: 705
  • Chaubandi Ko Toonama Views: 519
  • Mero Dukhi Mana Views: 363
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She was only 12 when she joined Rabindra Bharati University (now known as Shanti Niketan ) of Kolkotta as a student of music. Her training in music and classical vocals at Shanti Niketan along with her dedication to music has made Shanti Thatal an in-form living legend of Nepali Adhunik. Her calm and pleasant voice carries the power to evoke tranquil peace in her audience.


Chaubandi Ko Toonama Views:519

Dherai Chubul Nagara Views:355

Mayaalule Samjhe Ki Kaso Views:909

Mero Dukhi Mana Views:363

Udi Jau Bhane Views:705


Dinesh R.Chamling (USA) 3/28/2010 12:49:58 PM

Dear Didi, Life is passing us by faster than ever, and many great artists have left us behind. Aruna Lama, Naryan Gopal, and Gopal Yonzon are some of the shining stars of our time. It is still so great to hear your voice and composition. I sincerely request you to sing some more or compose more such great songs for this new Nepali generation. Thank you for all the beauty you have provided us all.