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  • Aaja Bholi Ke Bhayo Views: 2021
  • Aaijo Nidari Views: 2020
  • Jeevan Ho Views: 1613
  • Aama Views: 1606
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Aaijo Nidari Views:2020

Aaja Bholi Ke Bhayo Views:2021

Aama Views:1606

Abhab Abhabai Bhayo Views:1392

Ghatana Views:1031

Jeevan Ho Views:1613

Ressam Views:1579

Sa Karnali Views:863

Taal Ko Pani Views:1292

Udayo Relaile Views:1216


dev sapkota 3/22/2010 8:47:02 AM

amrit dai always welcomed in the youngsters for his famous songs and the effort to collect folk songs. BUt the effort is not of individual so his team should be appreciated altogether so thx to him for providing soothing musics to nepaleses ears entering towards the heart