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  • Timro Aagamanle Pheri Views: 972
  • Aankhama Herain Views: 801
  • Ankhama Timilai Views: 799
  • Ae Jhari Views: 785

Nabin k Bhattarai is the singer and principal musician in Nepal. He has given his fans 10 music albums till date. His music has a pop and rock combo that found success with a blend of '70s rock influences and slick hooks. Nabin k Bhattarai got his first musical break through his single "ankhama timilai" and never looked back. Issuing single after single and scoring hits in various radio formats Nabin k Bhattarai embedded his name in the music history of Nepal. People believe that his music is different and enticing at the same time.

Nabin k Bhattarai was born on March 14th 1974 in Dillibazar, Kathmandu. His is the first child of his parents. Nabin did his schooling in Budhanilkantha School and completed his college in Kathmandu University. He was indulged in the band 'the steel wheels' during the 1990s which was founded by him and his three music loving friends. He was the vocalist and the composer in his band. Although the band broke without so much of success Nabin definitely hit solid grounds when he released his solo song 'ankhama timilai. This super hit song made a once unknown Nabin a superstar overnight. The track took home, hits fm music awards for best male vocal, best music and best album. Hit tracks such as 'sanjha pakha', 'rata bityo', 'sayad timi nai hau' continued Nabin k bhattarai' success in the Nepalese music scene.

His albums 'aavas', 'smriti', 'samjhana', were ubiquitous during the late 90s and the early millennium and it made Nabin k Bhattarai a people proclaimed king of pop in the nepali music.



Aai Aai Ya Views:687

Aankhama Herain Views:801

Ae Jhari Views:785

Ali Ali Kati Pida Views:684

Ali Alikati Pida Huda Views:611

Ankhama Timilai Views:799

Auchha Yaad Views:672

Baachna Lai Views:454

Badnam Bhayechu Views:501

Bajaunda Bajaundai Views:438

Bhautari Raheko Views:512

Bhetna Man Lagyo Views:421

Bhijeko Najarle Views:479

Bichod Views:408

Bihani Kiran Views:437

Chahana Hoina Views:474

Chahana Hoina Views:444

Chaina Juna Views:516

Chhuna Ma Views:394

Dar Lagchha Views:599

Dherai Dherai Views:423

Dhuk Dhuki Bujera Views:454

Dhukdhuki Bhujera Views:433

Din Hos Ya Raat Views:379

Dobatoma Views:720

Har Din Kasaiko Yaad Views:425

Harghadi Views:371

Jati Nai Dukha Views:433

Jauna Jau Views:460

Je Bho Views:367

Jeevan Ma Views:418

Jhari Parchha Views:373

Jindagi Bageko Khola Views:397

Jindagima Views:441

Junma Hunchau Timi Views:363

Kasto Rahecha Bato Views:378

Khadai Nakhako Bish Views:502

Khushi Umang Views:477

Khushiyali Ajhaie Views:439

Lakhou Patak Views:468

Ma Maya Laudina Views:538

Ma Roun Kasari Views:345

Ma Ta Jiudai Chhu Views:356

Maya Deu Dhoka Na Deu Views:541

Maya Ko Teko Views:369

Mero Saath Views:513

Moun Hunchhu Views:417

Pet Michimichi Views:408

Prayatna Views:374

Preetka Geet Views:380

Raat Bityo Views:752

Raharai Rahar Ma Views:474

Rakhidiyo Hai Sachera Views:361

Rakhnu Galti Views:539

Ramjam Sanjhama Views:383

Rojeko Timlai Views:433

Sabhya Chau Timi Views:335

Sabhya Chhau Timi Views:309

Sacho Kura Views:367

Sajh Dhaldai chha Views:396

Sajha Pakha Views:743

Sakne Chhainau Views:342

Samjhana Timro Views:521

Sayad Views:577

Shanti Lukau Kahan Views:2525

Sun Saan Raatma Views:485

Sunau Chhu Views:313

Tan diye Views:343

Timi Hau Views:393

Timi Hou Lakhau Views:481

Timi Lai Ma Views:532

Timilai Bhetne Views:484

Timle Herda Kasailai Views:613

Timro Aagamanle Pheri Views:972

Timro Maya Le Views:370

Tyahi Bihan Views:378

Udashi Views:492

Yaad Aayo Views:402

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Yaad Sachi Views:534

Yehi Hota Maya Views:514

Yekanta Ma Views:451


ram k chettri 11/22/2014 11:43:03 AM

thanx your song relif my pain

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you are my best forever

Anonymous 12/12/2013 11:47:31 PM

your songs are heart touching and are interesting. Please always keep it up. Have a peaceful and happy life ahead and make other life happy too by your song. Thanks

Chandra Dhakal 9/23/2013 10:32:01 AM

Nabin k. Bhattrai forever.... king of nepali pop

Nabin Gurung 1/7/2010 8:51:39 PM

hello Nabin dai thanks for...... very nice songs in this New Album