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Biyog Le Views:235

Darjeeling Sahar Views:240

Phulai Phulko Views:166

Sarahi Ramro Lagyo Views:120

Shitaula Hawa Views:107

Yo Manma Kata Views:257


Parminder singh 2/14/2010 3:30:29 AM

Last year i heard in you tube one darjling sahar song which touch my heart,I put it in my favourit and used to lisiten once in a day,what a voice,heart touching,i dont have any words about his voice,I am from india ,this time if i go to india i go to nepal to meet this person.I have one friend from nepal named anil i used to tell him about this song,and today i know the name of this remarkible singer.Buddha bless you with beautifull voice and live long.I have seen also your viedo of darjling sahar.its beautifull.I live in the nederland.