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Raju Singh Bagdas comes from a family with a musical background. His father was a musician himself. Raju was first in Pratibimba group, from where his musical career took off. Pratibimba's first album Pratibimba I was released in 2048 B.S. and did leave some impression then. Songs like Kahan Timro Mayalulai (remake) and Aakashko Baadal Sari were quite popular among the Nepali pop listeners. That was when Nepali pop music was taking its very first steps. Making albums and selling them was not as easy as it is these days. But album after album Pratibimba churned out hits like Dobatoma, Bijhaune Yaad haru and Ritto Sadak which ensured the success of the group. The fact that they had various individual singers, most of whom were established ones, helped to an extent in their success. The variety in singers injected freshness every time they came out with an album. The group had a total of four albums by the year 2055, all of them fairing well in the market. 

Raju's partner in music – Basanta Thapa was a fan of Pratibimba. He was a big fan otherwise it wouldn't have made a big story. The fan-celebrity affair took a dramatic change and as faith would have it, the two of them met. And with what followed after that Basanta ended up writing songs for last two albums of Pratibimba – Anurodh and Abiral, and producing them. 

As with most of the bands in the local scene, Pratibimba's life was also short lived. The band frizzled out after its fourth album. 

Raju has also worked in Radio Nepal as a violin and guitar player. He has also been in a jazz band for 10 years. All these experiences helped him to work with other singers to put together albums. One such albums he did after Pratibimba days was Anand Karki's Pheri Timro Yaad Aayo. He also did music for a video film.

Basanta's first song as a lyricist was Aakhako Parelima which was sung by Bijaya Singh Munal. Even when he was just a fan of Pratibimba and was not writing for them, he used to write songs now and then, and had his songs sung by few singers in Radio Nepal too.  

After Pratibimba, Raju and Basanta teamed up to put together a truly Nepali album Thulnani. Their combination shows some winning colors in the album. It's a collection of folk songs, and an impressive one at that. The shift from pop and adhunik to folk seems to have worked for them. With impressive list of singers like Yam Baral, Lochan Bhattarai and Ram Krishna Dhakal, the album has already proved a winner among the listeners. 

With the success of the first album, the duo is already planning big time for their next venture. Their next album Makhamali is scheduled to be recorded after Tihar. And this time they say they will do it in Bombay. "To gain some experience, see how people work there" as they put it. They think the recording facilities in our country is not inadequate as such, but it's the people in the industry who lack professionalism. "We face all sorts of problems like musicians not coming on time for recording, the studios not being able to provide the time we book in advance and things like that." So, with better recording facilities and engineering, Makhmali can hope to outdo Thulnani – if they are careful enough to check the Indian flavour getting into the music, which is the case with most of the Nepali songs recorded there.



Dhukdhuki Bhujera Views:430

Ma ta hajur Views:330

Pardesh Ma Joban Views:278

Rittoo Sadakma Views:161

Yo Doori Views:571